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Cheap Web Hosting Services Available In India Today

You may look no further for the best web hosting services today. There are various packages to choose from.

Products from the Stable

  • Windows Hosting-

There are various plans under this category. The package starts with the economy plan that is charged at Rs.1695. Then, there is a starter plan that amounts to Rs.2195 and so on. It goes up to Rs.7995. The prices are dependent upon various factors, like the web space provided, monthly bandwidth, domain limit, sub domains and many such features.

  • Linux Website Hosting -

Linux Website HostingIs another category that is getting famous today. There are various plans to choose from - bronze, silver, and gold and diamond plans. Linux has features that sometimes outdo other categories. They are email features. The email feature comes with webmail, pop3 access, mailing lists, spam assassin, imap support and many other features. The control panel is also easy to operate. It has a webalizer, error logs and many other outstanding features.

  • Windows VPS -

Now you can get a fully-studded windows VPS plan. The various plans are startup, basic, value to name a few. The rates vary accordingly. And, as with other products, as consumers you get full support and assistance all through the journey. This is the best that the company eWebGuru has on offer today.

Questions Answered

Moreover, many things may be going on in your mind that the website does not answer. You can also go through their site to get the answers today. They are:

  • Web Hosting India presents Virtual Private Server which is a great feature. It operates with its own operating system. There are applications and data, that you can call their own. You can leverage the benefits very easily. The cost is just a fraction of what you would spend otherwise.
  • Customization modules are omni-present. You can now use the WPS to host many domains. There are other installation features to help you sort out the issues. The overall system environment gets a boost with these top features today.

You will get so many wonderful features from this place that you cannot ask for anything better. 

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